Treehouse Baumraum

Discover and lives in the rhythm of nature, in beautiful song birds with a squirrel on a neighboring branch.
Take time, enjoy and try to see the world from a different angle in a tree house. You can relax and stop thinking about anything except to your wellbeing. Feel close to birds and stars, becoming one with the forces of nature. Take time to recharge yourself in nature and focuses you on discovering your inner self all along the forest and with a wonderful view.


Maybe many of us still remember our childhood tree house. The treehouse where all our dreams come true.
Today, the true dreams come real by building the treehouse. Here is something wonderful below. This kind of house seen through my walking will simply fascinate you. Once night falls, with comfortable interior shaft is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening with your partner, enjoying the peace and quiet.

What is the treehouse?

Tree-House-Baumraum-4Accordingly a treehouse it is a unique accommodation, a few meters from the ground. As its name says, is a house built in a tree. In fact, it’s built in trees that we see studying it carefully. When you see it on the outside you just can enter, it’s such a beauty. It sounds improvised in the woods. But when you step into, its like you wake up in a dream. Perfectly located bathroom, diffused light, ideal reading corner or ceiling incredibly high for it, all these define the tree house.

Things pro treehouse:
● romantic and rustic view
● refreshing view I had through the glass wall
● endless forest seen from above
● fireplace seen in the night
● the landscape in which it is located the house
● terrace house which you can admire the stars in the night head

As the treehouse company mentions, it has all the necessities needed and it’s even suitable for team-building and other personal activities or not.
House is built of solid wood, protect of weather of any kind, well stabilized and perfect for living.
From windows to floors perfectly made and glossy or matte, the house is a true work of art when you enter in it. With air childhood and adult dreams, the house offers wide ideals and well placed.
Its construction does not last very long. It depends on the model of the model. Pillars of support, or lights, storage areas or simply the roof, all are designed by an architect or by a team of experienced constructors in this type of houses.
If you are a lover of fresh, clean air and free time in nature, I invite you to spend a night in the woods, a few meters from the ground! If you are exhausted from the crowded routes from heavily polluted air or drive through traffic, shoot a nap in treehouse. I guarantee you’ll be impressed and you will return anytime dearly! Otherwise, words are useless! You have to try to convince you!
So if you would like a moment of childhood and if you have some imagination in choosing and building a house, do not hesitate to make a beautiful choice.


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