Bomvu Paradise Backpackers

Bomvu Paradise Backpackers

Bomvu and Beyond Adventures

Bomvu paradise offers the ultimate african experience with the xhosa culture at its doorstep. The backpackers borders the Bomvu river along which the Bomvana tribe lives with their traditional dress and beadwork. From the wooden deck one overlooks the Bomvu Bay (beach) and Sugarloaf mountain.

Our tropical garden with 26 indiginous trees, hammocks straddled between and a multitude of birds is a magnificent place to enjoy a true holiday feeling. When ready to explore beyond the gate; horseriding or hiking to various coastal, untouched destinations (e.g. Hole in the Wall) is a must. Desolate beaches to laze in the sun, throw a line and do somefishing. Daytrips by 4×4, surftrips with free1 hour surf lesson and lots more.

Back at Bomvu make yourself at home at the Bomvu Paradise bar, look around in the Wild Coast Surf Shop or check your E-mail on the internet.
See an awesome sunset or learn to make your own drum. Play a drum around the fire, watch a tribal performance and enjoy fresh seafood (mussels, crayfish, oysters etc.) for dinner.

Price Structure:

Horse riding safaris are R100/ hour and R150/ 2 hours

Day hikes are R60 including lunch and shuttle service

4 x 4 day outings are R150 including lunch, shuttle service and equipment

3 or 5 day drum making coarses are R750.00

Drum playing is R40/hour

Contact Person:
Karl Weschta
Tel No:
(047) 575 2073
Cell No:
083 460 4144
Bomvu River
Coffee Bay
Wild Coast

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Earth Adventures

Earth Adventures is a young, dynamic and family driven adventure company. Three brothers with a passion for adventure set out to create a truly unique African experience.
The result is a highly dedicated adventure company tailored to provide accessible and affordable adventures.
Earth Adventures

Earth Adventures, the mild at heart can experience the tranquillity of nature and for the more adventurers the excitement and challenges of some of the most famous rapids in South Africa affectionately known as “Gatsien” or “Big Daddy” awaits.

We specialize in extreme adventures, adventure activities, teambuilding events and conferencing. Tailor made packages are available on request.

Our home is on the banks of the mighty Vaal River, within the scenic surroundings of the Vredefort Dome. The close by picturesque town of Parys offers travelers and thrill seekers a wide variety of arts and crafts and sidewalk restaurants reminiscent of Parys’s famous namesake.

We offer a wide variety of accommodation ranging from a luxury en-suite Safari tented camp where friends can sit around a bristling campfire to rustic mountain chalets where leopard still dare to roam.
Fly FishingRafting
Contact Person:
Louis Botha
Cell No:
082 889 4485
Earth Adventures
Koppies Kraal Road

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Beyond Adventure is an adventure academy. The main product is a year course of extreme education, focusing on the use of adventure activities to develop the individual as a whole. We also present adventure activities and teambuilding to tourists and corporate groups.

The Beyond Adventure, Extreme Education programme was launched on the first of February 2001. Beyond Adventure is located on the Sunshine Coast 150 kilometers north-east of Port Elizabeth in Port Alfred. Not only is the course itself one of the most beneficial ways in which a young person can find their potential but it also is conducted in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa.

We are housed in the Halyards Lodge close to the Port Alfred Marina (where we present our water activities). The Lodge is within walking distance of the beach and the town center. During 2008 we will be building our new facility on Mansfield Private Reserve, where most of our programme and adventure activities are presented. Mansfield borders on the Kowie River and is filled with beautiful natural splendor.

The Beyond Adventure programme is an “exhilarating year of your life” during which young people will discover and develop their leadership potential. A programme filled with vision, purpose, adventure and challenges. Students will be equipped with recognized qualifications but they will also acquire insight and develop the ability to make responsible and informed decisions regarding their future studies and career options. The certificate courses offered are an introduction to the fundamental concepts regarding the growing adventure tourism industry in South Africa today.

Price Structure:

One-year adventure based leadership programme = R60 000 (all expenses for the year)
Teambuilding = R160 per session (contact us for outcomes)
Adventure Activities = R75-R100 (Depending on the activity)
*Prices subject to change

Contact Person:
Jaco Erasmus (Operations Manager)
Tel No:
046 624 3159
Cell No:
Halyards Lodge & Spa
7 Albany Rd
Port Alfred
PO Box 2194
Port Alfred


Rock Climbing – Table Mountain and Cape Peninsula

Half day or Full day
Daily (times to be confirmed)
Pick Up
Cape Town city centre (door to door)
Drop Off
Cape Town city centre (door to door)
Light lunch on full days
Mountaineering and safety equipment included (ropes, helmets, cams, etc.). Excludes harness and climbing shoes
Experience required:
Basic to advanced (routes chosen according to ability)

Half Day:
R1500 (1 person), R 1850 (2 people – R925 ea)
Full Day:
R2000 (1 person), R 2500 (2 people – R1250 ea)

Table Mountain is an imposing landmark, rising majestically above the Mother City to an altitude of 1086m. For the adventurous, the mountain is a veritable playground, with easy access to most routes with excellent quality, hard sandstone rock.

For tradional climbers, Table Mountain boasts many quality and fabulously exposed multi-pitch routes of all grades up to 8b+, with a concentration of world class grade 5 and grade 6 routes that are sure to leave you wanting more.
For sports climbers, there are a number of options around the peninsula that offer excellent routes. These include Silvermine, Lions Head granite and Muizenberg crags that are all guaranteed to get you pumped!

Take the alternate route to the summit and explore Table Mountain or push your limits on any number of excellent sport routes around the peninsula with our experienced and fully qualified guides.

We offer half and full day climbing packages on Table Mountain to suit all levels of experience. Book now for a rock climbing adventure of a lifetime by clicking on the enquiries tab below.

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Use at-home treatments to efficiently remove warts

Appearing on skin like small, rough protuberances that look like a solid blister or cauliflower, warts can be very annoying and discomforting. Although these bumps can disappear without any treatment, in some cases warts are stubborn and will not go away. Since warts are very contagious and because they can spread somewhere else on the body and even to somebody else, it is crucial to remove the wart as soon as it appears on the body.
wartrolCaused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), warts can appear almost anywhere on the body, from eyelids, face, neck, wrists, hands, knees, fingers and nails to soles of the feet and even genitalia. Having various shapes and sizes, warts can cause bleeding, itchiness and discomfort, depending on the area where warts occur.
Many methods can be used to remove warts, but HPV will remain in the blood. Even people who do not have any warts can have the virus in their blood and they can spread it to somebody else. There are numerous products that can remove warts efficiently, however, warts can appear again.
Wartrol is one of the top seller wart removers on market. Consisting in a combination of homeopathic spray and topical treatment, Wartrol fortifies the body and eliminates warts effectively and safely. As is written on the topical treatment is made of Salicylic acid, the only FDA approved ingredient that removes warts.
Wartrol homeopathic spray contains ingredients that work together against the appearance of warts, improving the immune system and fighting against the virus that causes the warts. Having in its potent formula compounds like Wild Yellow Indigo, Black Sulphide of Antimony, Potassium Hydrate, Tree of Life, Nitric Acid, Alcohol and purified water, Wartrol homeopathic spray gets to the root of the problem and offer relief to discomforting warts.
The topical treatment has to be applied directly on the wart with the applicator brush. The Salicylic acid contained can burn or irritate the healthy skin, so be careful and use Wartrol solution solely on warts. After you locate the wart, apply the solution and let it dry for about one minute. Let it stay for 20 minutes and allow the solution to penetrate the surface of the wart. In this time the wart will be dissolve, but you do not have to cut, tear or pick the wart because you may worsen the problem.
Other methods to get rid of warts are cryotherapy and laser treatment, but these methods are painful, they can cause change of color in skin and they can modify the structure or shape of nails. Even more, these options are more expensive and they can cause scars and infections.
If you want to remove your warts effectively and safely, in the comfort of your home, use Wartrol, one of the best over-the-counter treatments for warts. Use the topical treatment together with the homeopathic spray and Wartrol will help you get rid of warts within days.
These unsightly bumps that can appear anywhere on your body can lower your self-esteem, but you can get rid of them quickly and efficiently. Use Wartrol and safely remove warts at your home!

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Did you know that red color has aphrodisiac powers?

Any tourist who arrives in South Africa must visit Bomvu Paradise Backpackers and admire the beach, Bomvana tribe and the enchanting garden where tribal rhythms drumming offer a breathtaking experience.
Bomvana tribe is recognized due to their red clothes. Bomvu means red, which represents lust, physical energy, power, passion and desire. Whether they wear red to attract their partners or because it is a strong color that represents power, Bomvana tribe never ceases to amaze.
vimaxRed draws quickly the attention, it represents courage and it inspires passion and desire. Many women from all around the globe wear red clothes to attract their partners and increase their sexual arousal. Even red food items are used to increase libido in both women and men. Strawberries, pomegranate, red wine, red chili peppers, cranberries and watermelon are only some of the foods known for their aphrodisiac effects.
Aphrodisiacs are used since thousands of years for their ability to increase the sex drive and improve the performance in bed. Numerous products have been produced to enhance the desire, to eliminate premature ejaculations and to improve the quality of erections.
According to Vimax Male Enhancement improves the sex drive, it increase the self esteem and raises the endurance, being an effective and safe product that does not cause negative side effects. Its powerful ingredients increase the blood flow to the genitals and this constant raised blood flow encourages the development of new cells, which lead to penile enlargement. However, this occurs only if Vimax is used regularly for at least a few weeks.
As mentioned on webmd, numerous factors could trigger a reduced libido that can even harm a relationship. Certain medications, diseases, depression, anxiety, stress, aging, relationship issues and fatigue could lower the sex drive. But there are plenty of solutions that could bring back passion in bed, besides the already known Levitra, Viagra and Cialis.
Unlike these medications that lead to headache, high blood pressure, liver disease, nausea and even heart attack, Vimax Male Enhancement has been formulated with natural and safe ingredients that increase the sex drive without having negative impacts on the health of the consumers.
Containing Ginkgo Biloba leaf powder, Vitamin E, Cayenne Pepper, Ginseng, Oat Straw Extract and Saw Palmetto fatty acids, Vimax is not just a remarkable product that increases the libido and offers up to a few inches in penile girth and length, but it also promotes the overall wellbeing.
These natural compounds promote the health of the reproductive system, they raise the sexual stamina and they intensify orgasms, offering sexual experiences that will be hardly forgotten.
Used together with a plateau of red aphrodisiacs, strawberries covered in chocolate and red wine, Vimax will offer a significant boost in confidence and an increased desire that will provide some magnificent moments.
If you arrive in South Africa and get to encounter Bomvana tribe, delight your eyes with their red clothes and ask yourself why they have chosen to wear that color. Is it the power and strength or is it passion that made them use red?

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Treehouse Baumraum

Discover and lives in the rhythm of nature, in beautiful song birds with a squirrel on a neighboring branch.
Take time, enjoy and try to see the world from a different angle in a tree house. You can relax and stop thinking about anything except to your wellbeing. Feel close to birds and stars, becoming one with the forces of nature. Take time to recharge yourself in nature and focuses you on discovering your inner self all along the forest and with a wonderful view.


Maybe many of us still remember our childhood tree house. The treehouse where all our dreams come true.
Today, the true dreams come real by building the treehouse. Here is something wonderful below. This kind of house seen through my walking will simply fascinate you. Once night falls, with comfortable interior shaft is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening with your partner, enjoying the peace and quiet.

What is the treehouse?

Tree-House-Baumraum-4Accordingly a treehouse it is a unique accommodation, a few meters from the ground. As its name says, is a house built in a tree. In fact, it’s built in trees that we see studying it carefully. When you see it on the outside you just can enter, it’s such a beauty. It sounds improvised in the woods. But when you step into, its like you wake up in a dream. Perfectly located bathroom, diffused light, ideal reading corner or ceiling incredibly high for it, all these define the tree house.

Things pro treehouse:
● romantic and rustic view
● refreshing view I had through the glass wall
● endless forest seen from above
● fireplace seen in the night
● the landscape in which it is located the house
● terrace house which you can admire the stars in the night head

As the treehouse company mentions, it has all the necessities needed and it’s even suitable for team-building and other personal activities or not.
House is built of solid wood, protect of weather of any kind, well stabilized and perfect for living.
From windows to floors perfectly made and glossy or matte, the house is a true work of art when you enter in it. With air childhood and adult dreams, the house offers wide ideals and well placed.
Its construction does not last very long. It depends on the model of the model. Pillars of support, or lights, storage areas or simply the roof, all are designed by an architect or by a team of experienced constructors in this type of houses.
If you are a lover of fresh, clean air and free time in nature, I invite you to spend a night in the woods, a few meters from the ground! If you are exhausted from the crowded routes from heavily polluted air or drive through traffic, shoot a nap in treehouse. I guarantee you’ll be impressed and you will return anytime dearly! Otherwise, words are useless! You have to try to convince you!
So if you would like a moment of childhood and if you have some imagination in choosing and building a house, do not hesitate to make a beautiful choice.


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